Weight Loss

March 15, 2010 - 332.5 lbs
August 5, 2012 - 218.5 lbs (Lost 114 lbs overall)
July 21, 2014-286.2 lbs(Gained 67 lbs however lost 46.3 lbs overall)
July 28, 2014-275.4 lbs(Lost 57.1 lbs)


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Busy Weekend

Hello All,

I had a very busy weekend... However I did workout alot to offset my bad eating.
On Friday night I went to dinner with Prachi at a Restaurant called Tutto Italiano. The food was excellent. I only eat half my meal and brought the other half home. We walked from the condo to the restaurant and then back to the condo from the restaurant. It was a total of 3 miles. Also we walked thru the rain on the way back because Prachi says that I am a "cheapo filipo" (In other words I didnt want to take a cab, I figured since we are already wet why should we cab it and lose out on the opportunity to walk..right?) LOL...
On Saturday morning, Prachi and I ran/walked about 3 miles around Lake Michigan. After our wonderful run/walk we went to brunch at a place called the Bongo Room in the South Loop of Chicago. It was the BEST breakfast place that I have ever gone to. If you are ever downtown, look this place up and go try it (they have 2 locations in the City). After our brunch we walked down Michigan Avenue (by the way we saw a Indian Wedding having their Baraat, which is the relatives from the guys side come singing and dancing to the wedding site in a procession).
On Sunday I did 2 hours of cardio with Kimmy and Keeva at Executive Fitness. Then I headed off to Health Bridge Crystal to soak in the Whirlpool ( I really needed that after all the running I had done during the weekend).
I have been receiving numerous emails from people asking me specific questions on my weight loss journey. Keep the emails coming... I enjoy answering all of them....Have a good day!!! Talk to you soon.......

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