Weight Loss

March 15, 2010 - 332.5 lbs
August 5, 2012 - 218.5 lbs (Lost 114 lbs overall)
July 21, 2014-286.2 lbs(Gained 67 lbs however lost 46.3 lbs overall)
July 28, 2014-275.4 lbs(Lost 57.1 lbs)


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 2

Yesterday was a good day. I got alot of texts and emails from my friends and family letting me know that they are excited about my blog and cant wait for my posts. That was real nice to hear from them.
So what I have decided to do is, every Friday I am going to post my Weight from my Weigh-in. I will try to weigh in around the same time, with the same clothing and on the same scale(I am going to use the Scale at Health Bridge- Crystal Lake). Please look for the 1st official weigh in tomorrow.
So what else did I do besides respond to my texts and emails yesterday. Actually I went to the gym of course. Actually I went to both of my gyms. Yes you heard me correctly I said both. I am a member at Executive Fitness Club of Crystal Lake, IL and also am a member of Health Bridge Fitness Center of Crystal Lake and Huntley, IL.
I went to Executive Fitness and did Cardio (the Treadmill) with my new found friend Keeva. Then I headed over to Health Bridge and soaked in the sauna and used the pool. It was a good workout day for me.
I also want to send a shout out to Rob at Executive Fitness. He is my "trainer" at the club. He has showed me things that I haven't been shown before by any trainer. Also at the gym I have been doing cardio with my beautiful friend Kimmy for the last 3 months or so. We do at least a 1/2 hour of cardio a day but most days its 1 hour. We meet atleast 5 times a week if not 6. If you need a good personal gym to work out you should visit Rob and Rick (Owner of Executive Fitness) and tell them Jay sent you.
I have been a member of Health Bridge for along time. I really like Health Bridge. They have 2 gyms in McHenry County. One in Crystal Lake and one in Huntley. I usually go to the one in Crystal Lake. I visit the Crystal Lake Health Bridge every morning before work. Its funny how often I visit them, they even know my name and what locker i want (thats called Real Good Customer Satisfaction). Then I go again in the evening to use the pool and the sauna. They run a nice club. I have tried many clubs in the area and am VERY happy with Centegra Health Clubs
I am very excited about my post for my weigh in tomorrow. See you all tomorrow.

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