Weight Loss

March 15, 2010 - 332.5 lbs
August 5, 2012 - 218.5 lbs (Lost 114 lbs overall)
July 21, 2014-286.2 lbs(Gained 67 lbs however lost 46.3 lbs overall)
July 28, 2014-275.4 lbs(Lost 57.1 lbs)


Monday, August 23, 2010


Hello All,

As you all can see I haven't blogged in awhile(I did blog 2 posts which said that the scale at Health Bridge-Crystal Lake hasn't been available for my last 2 weigh in's buts that's all I blogged). I have hit a "road block" in my weight loss journey. Let me tell you about it:
A few weeks ago my sister had a house warming party at her new home. After the party I was watching the home video that was taken at the party. I saw myself and wasn't happy the way I looked. I said to myself "how can I look like this after losing 81 pounds". I was so disgusted with my self. I couldn't bear to even look at myself. I know that many of you have said that you are so proud of me for losing the weight. But when I saw myself that day I wasn't happy at all. So what have I been doing since that day???? I started to eat bad and didn't pay much attention to working out. However yesterday I had a turning point. When I was getting ready for my cousins engagement party it hit me. I couldn't fit into a indian outfit that I was almost able to fit into a few months ago. I was heading in the wrong direction. I worked to hard to let everything go down the drain. So this morning when I woke up, I decided that I am not going to give up. I have worked way to hard and I have so many people that have been with me through this journey that I can't let down. I made a promise to myself that I am not going to go back to the 332.5 lb Jay. No way... I know that I am going to feel like this for awhile when I see a picture of myself. Its a mental thing. So what can I do? I guess I could just ignore it and just pretend I don't see myself. Or just work harder. Whatever I do I don't want to go back to where I was. I have made so many people proud especially myself.
I hope that this post will help anyone that has or will have run into a "roadblock" like I have. I am so excited to get back into my regimen. 100 pounds here I come....

Have a wonderful evening!!!


  1. Hi Jay,

    It sucks, doesn't it ? Sometimes we don't like the way we look. I don't understand why that does not turn into more motivation instead of making us feel dejected. Well, as a fellow desi, just wanted to let you know this is a struggle with the same kind of emotions that you are going thru that a lot of us are going thru as well.

    My mom recently visited from India and I let loose and ate whatever I wanted to. Put on all the weight I lost so quickly. That was depressing. However, trying to lose weight is something that I can never give up on. Got to keep getting back on the train.

    Take care buddy. All the best to you.


  2. Good for you, Jay! I'm glad you didn't let yourself slide too much. I've done the exact same thing myself on too many occasions. I let the fact that I didn't like how I looked at a certain point put me into a downward spiral. At times it was impossible to pull myself out of that spiral and I would put back all of the weight lost plus more. Just stay focused on your successes and picture yourself at your goal weight. I know it's easy for me to say this, especially when I don't always follow my own advice. But I know that it's true.